Gynecomastia, is a condition in which men complain of having enlarged breasts. This can make them uncomfortable with wearing light clothes or going to the beach and taking the shirt off. 


Gynecomastia can affect young boys, adults or older men. It can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, underlying disease, gaining and losing a lot of weight, but more often than not it does not have a particular cause and is simply caused by excess fat distributed over the chest region. While a man’s physical health is unaffected by gynecomastia, he may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about his chest.


management of male gynecomastia

In management of gynecomastia a thorough history taking and investigations are done to exclude any underlying disease. After that is checked we manage the enlarged breasts in one of many ways.


If there is a large disc of breast tissue behind the nipple then it is taken out by surgery, this is done through a small incision in the dark circle around the nipple that is hard to see.

If there is a lot of fat all over the breast, then Liposuction is done to remove the fat. This is done through a very small hole without any large incisions. This can often be combined with VASER liposuction to breakdown all the thick fat and help tighten the skin afterwards.

If the patient had been obese and lost a lot of weight, this is associated with sagging of the breast tissue with excess redundant skin. In these cases, surgery is the answer to remove the extra skin and return the nipple back to its normal place.


After managing gynecomastia men feel more confidence in wearing tight clothes. It's a small and straight forward procedure that gives immediate and long lasting results.