You may not be aware of it, but your fingertips are filled with extremely sensitive nerves. And if your fingertips are injured, it can disrupt the overall functionality and movement of your hand. Ranging from crushing, tearing, or amputating injuries, fingertips injuries can include damage to the nail, nail bed, bone, skin or soft tissue.

During surgery, our overall goal at Sharkawy Clinics will be to help you feel, pinch, grip, and perform normal hand functions afterward.

fingertip reconstruction

Manicured Hands

A knife slips out of your hand. Or your finger gets jammed in a door. Accidents happen every day. If the tip of your finger or toe gets cut off, you need to take care of it right away. First, you need to try to control the bleeding. Then, get emergency medical help. 

what you should do


  • Care for your wound by gently cleaning it with water. Use saline solution if you have it.

  • Don’t put alcohol on your finger or toe. This can damage healthy tissue.

  • Use a clean cloth or sterile bandage to put firm pressure on the wound to help stop bleeding.

  • If the blood soaks through the cloth, don’t remove it, but add more clean ones on top. Keep pressure on the wound until you can get medical help.


How to care for the tip of your finger or toe:

  • If you have the cut-off tip, clean it with water. If you have a sterile saline solution, use that to wash it.

  • Wrap it with moistened gauze or cloth.

  • Put it in a watertight plastic bag and seal it.

  • Place the bag on ice in a sealed container or another watertight bag. Don’t let the cut-off part of your finger or toe come in direct contact with the ice. This can cause more damage.