An Arm Lift, also known as brachioplasty, removes excess hanging skin from the underarm and reshapes the under portion of the upper arm – from the armpit area to the elbow. By addressing excess skin that has lost elasticity or underlying weakened tissues and localized fat deposits, an arm lift can enhance and reshape your arms offering a more toned appearance.

Plastic surgeons at Sharkawy Clinics offer arm lifting surgery to help improve droopy, sagging upper arms resulting from weight loss, the natural aging process, and even heredity.

arm lifting (brachioplasty)

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Fluctuations in weight, growing older and heredity can cause your upper arms to have a drooping, sagging appearance. This is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise.

Arm lift surgery may be right for you if the underside of your upper arms are sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat.

are there any side effects or complications of an arm lift?

There will be some temporary bruising, swelling, and numbness, but this usually disappears in time. The large arm scars will fade over time with the help of scar creams, massage, and silicone tape, but they will never completely go away. For some people, the scars can be noticeable.

In rare cases, bleeding, infection, fluid build-up, permanent numbness of the inner arm, and asymmetry of the arms can occur.